Our company is ready to provide the following services:

1. Designing and integration of 5D Cinema in the same room or area, where you are going to install it;

2. 5D Cinema installation and, if necessary, dismantling it;

3. Warranty and post-warranty repairs.
Warranty repairs performed under the contract for the purchase of the cinema and it makes up at least 12 months from the date of setting the 5D cinema into operation. The post-warranty repairs are performed as long as the parts included in the set of the cinema are produced by their manufacturers;

4. We will provide you with a ready made and running system of marketing activities to attract customers, which includes:

- Regular sale of discount vouchers on different websites of Groupon-type group discounts;

- Granting to the staff of large companies special prices for visiting 5D Cinema – so-called “corporate” discounts;

- Arrangement of thematic visits for schoolchildren;

- Loyalty discount programs.

5. And much more!
For owners or managers of shopping or entertainment centres our company offers to sign the lease contract for the installation of 5D Cinema in your shopping or entertainment centre. To this effect we are ready to meet the authorized representatives of your shopping centre at a convenient time for negotiations. We are happy to show you the work of one of our already running 5D Cinemas.

Besides, if the need arises, we can provide you with the official project for construction of premises for 5D Cinema.