About 5D cinema

5D Cinema is the modern amusement, entertainment of a new generation! It enables the spectators to plunge into a virtual world and find themselves in the epicentre of the events. All these sensations are possible thanks to the volumetric 3D images, special effects that simulate the movements, as well as wind, water splashes and even more. A mobile platform with seats for the spectators moves completely repeating what is happening on the screen from splitting racing to a fantastic space – trip to the depths of the Universe, which further intensify the sensation of reality of what is going around. A spectator in 5D Cinema will turn out to be a direct participant of all events!

Thanks to the effects on a spectator through all information transmission channels, namely, through vision (3D image), through movement in space (vestibular), through hearing (sound effects) and through the tactual sensations (the effects of wind and splashes) the spectator totally plunges into the action happening on the screen and becomes a direct participant of the event. The effect of watching a movie in 5D Cinema is identical to a visit to a real roller coaster – type amusement ride.


Choosing room for 5D cinema

For installation of 5D Cinema you will need not so much space as it might seem at first sight. A 5D Cinema room is a compact 3 m high hall of 4.5 x 5.0 m2, which can be stationed in a standard room intended for a shop and in open spaces – in recreational areas, food courts and multiplexes.

Also, if necessary, our company can provide you with the official project for construction of premises for 5D Cinema.


The benefits for the owners of shopping centers from opening 5D cinema


A well-developed recreational area is an integral part of a modern shopping centre, where tired visitors can relax, regain strength and get back to shopping. With our offer we will help you to diversify leisure activities in your shopping centre and thereby attract new customers.

5D Cinema is also ideal for shopping with small children. Children are not interested in shopping, they get tired of it quickly and therefore they need some fun during the shopping.

In this regard 5D Cinema solves two problems at once – the children will get the necessary impressions, but the adults will be able to relax while waiting for their children or use the services of 5D Cinema by themselves.