We represent to you the modern means of entertainment, attraction of a new generation –
5D Cinema!

5D Cinemas appeared in our lives a few years ago. Their appearance became possible thanks to the advancement of modern visualizing techniques, digital technology and programming. Now 5D Cinema confidently captures a certain niche in the field of entertainment and continues to attract new consumers and businessmen.

Breathtaking adventures, events beyond a settled flow of everyday life and new experiences have always attracted and will attract people. That is the crux of a human being and, particularly, of a modern one.

Our “5D movie”© attraction fully satisfies these aspirations! At the same time going to “5D movie” does not require a lot of free time and money, whereby especially attracts visitors and businessmen who think of new, cost-effective business segments.

Like any other business with persistent growth of consumers, the 5D Cinema business is profitable. Firstly, you can build up and launch your business based on the 5D Cinema within two months. The first month will be spent on the purchase and delivery of the cinema, but the second month – on its installation and personnel training. Secondly, business based on 5D Cinema is profitable and cost-effective. We are ready to provide you with real results of 5D Cinemas installed by us in different places so that everyone, who is considering investing their funds in 5D Cinema, could see to that. Our company is always open and ready to share any information which can help you to make a decision.

5D Cinema is one of the best deals on the market of ready-made business.

5D Cinema, as ready-made business, is interesting in that within a few years it will demonstrate excellent results – the payback period of 5D Cinema makes up 6 - 12 months!

5D Cinema can be installed in any shopping or entertainment centre. It can be installed in a zoo or city parks if the ambient temperature in your country does not fall below 10 degrees Celsius. 5D Cinema can be installed in multiplexes, because a visitor, while waiting for his movie, will be able to go for a ride in 5D Cinema as well, because duration of a movie in 5D Cinema with all special effects lasts no longer than 10 minutes. And, of course, 5D Cinemas can be installed in specialized children's amusement parks.

It will yield extra profit (and rather substantial) and contribute to the development of infrastructure of your shopping centre.

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